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  • Location: Jacksonville, FL 

  • Client: Eagle LNG Partners 

  • Engineer: HDR Engineering, Inc. 

  • Contract Value: $2,165,708

  • Project Details:

  • Site work and piling for 2 LNG and 2 Liquid Nitrogen Tanks, concrete and masonry work. 

  • Furnishing and maintaining erosion and sediment control provisions.Constructing a pile supported foundation and install 2 liquid nitrogen storage tanks. Construct 2 concrete equipment pads that will support equipment installed by the Contractor. Constructing a concrete masonry unit fire wall on a concrete spread foundation, a containment pit with concrete walls and floor lined with autoclaved aerated concrete (AA). A below grade concrete trench with concrete walls and floor and cast iron grating and covers. Relocating an existing waterline  installing a storm drain. Installing communication and electrical conduits and compressed air piping. Selective pavement removal, site grading, and construction of concrete retaining walls. 

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