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Why the Utility Contractors Safety Directors Forum?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

We want you. If you are in the utility construction business of safety, you need to be part of an organization where you have an opportunity to share ideas and solve problems that you normally must figure out on your own.. Why reinvent the wheel? We have a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge all around us and you can bet that someone has experienced the same issues you may be facing and has solved them successfully. We are a creative and essential industry. If the tool doesn’t exist to help us safely do a task, we can make it. If there’s a problem to be solved we can solve it. The best thing we do in our industry is solve problems. We do it every day. When you get a set of plans, it’s really just an idea. We know it’s supposed to be that way but, how many times do we find out it just doesn’t work? Who fixes that? We do. With all we learn individually every day, don’t you think it would sometimes be a great idea to get together with likeminded people and maybe figure out a better way? The Safety Director’s Forum provides us with the opportunity to help each other navigate the process of safety and production by finding a better way of accomplishing our goals.

We have always felt that safety should be shared. If you have a better way, let’s hear it. If you want to share something that works for you, share it. The safety of our people should always be a top priority. We are regulated in how we do what we do. There’s nothing wrong with that. The results of how we do that, we might need to figure out. We might even have to put the brakes on some overregulation, and we have had to do that many times. We can only do that

by group participation. NUCA does that really well. The Safety Director’s Forum does the same thing. We are all in this for the same reasons. Making a living and making living better for our customers and our country. We can also be better at doing what we do. We are competitors. It’s the American way. But we don’t compete when it comes to the safety of our work family. Let’s do it together.

Contact Kathy Blackman for further information.

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