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Construction Appreciation Week: Day 2

Project Highlight: PFS Chill Build Warehouse

Authored by: Judson Cutts and Kim Bryan

As we continue recognizing the industry we love as part of Construction Appreciation Week, we present to you today's Project Highlight, PFS Chill Build in Jacksonville, Florida. How much soil can you place on a 14 AC site? Well, when you fill a 200,000 SF building pad and add surcharge over 10’ high, more than you think! At the height of the earthwork operation, we placed more than 40,000 CY in a single week! When the surcharge had done its job, the removal began and we removed nearly 50,000 CY in just a couple of weeks. This project also has a lift station, onsite and offsite water and forcemains, ditch paving, heavy and light duty concrete paving auto and truck lots, extensive storm drain and an emergency access road. When the project is complete, it will be a highly automated refrigerated warehouse. Click this link for a time lapsed view of how this Chill Build has progressed.

We extend appreciation to our client, Victory Unlimited Construction, for selecting Petticoat Schmitt Civil Contractors for this project. We are proud to do our part in bringing Chill Build Warehouse to our local community! #PSCC#ibuildamerica#constructionappreciationweek#thanksforbuilding

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