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Construction Appreciation Week: Day 1

Project Highlight : Talleyrand Waste Water Pump Station

Construction Appreciation Week has arrived and we are excited to share our life changing industry with you. To kick off the week, we have selected JEA's Talleyrand Waste Water Pump Station as today’s Project Highlight. The major scope of work is the replacement of gates within the pump station to allow JEA to alternate the transmission it receives for access between two separate wet wells. One of the unique challenges to achieve this work item is bypassing an existing 78” gravity sewer main. This has been accomplished with frequent coordination of Petticoat Schmitt Civil Contractors and JEA’s top wastewater leadership teams including Superintendent Jay Ethriedge and Ed Dendor, Project Manager from PSCC and Nick Payne, Construction Specialist, Phil Maltese, Plant Coordinator and Bill Clendening, Project Manager all from JEA. The Talleyrand station is one of JEA’s master pump station receiving 45 million gallons of waste water from other sub pumping stations. This flow is from gravity and force mains received from residential, commercial and industrial systems, downtown Jacksonville and San Marco before it is sent to JEA’s Buckman Wastewater facility for treatment. From there it is treated to reach the same levels as reclaim water then discharged. The environmental benefit for this type of reuse water is often used for irrigation, industrial purposes and groundwater recharge.

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