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From the very first day, the big milestone for this project was to have the main access prepared to a finished lime rock surface so that our client, Reliable Substation, in conjunction with the owner, JEA, could move in and set the first of two very large transformers.

Our team did one better by having the project ready before the delivery date! Additionally, when the large transport carrying the 50 ton transformer arrived – with a few critical inches of clearance under the trailer – it was important that the truck could make the turns through the site and into position.

Although constructed per design, some of the corner radius angles fell a little short for this mega load to make its way in properly, so our team jumped into immediate action and extended the surface so the driver could make the corners safely and get the transformer to its final location without delay!

Kudos to PSCC’s Team Dinsmore for a job done with a high level of teamwork, timeliness, safety and quality!

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