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2023 Recordkeeping

Each new year we spend time reviewing the previous year to assess our progress and to plan and set goals for the new year. Along with that goal setting and planning are some things we need to take care of in our recordkeeping. There are some specific annual OSHA guidelines for that recordkeeping.

For any company with 10 or more employees the OSHA 300A Form should be posted in a conspicuous place at each jobsite from February 1 to April 30. In addition, the OSHA 300A Form must be electronically submitted to OSHA by March 2. Access to these forms is available through the OSHA website. It’s a good idea to have someone on staff attend an OSHA Reporting class to learn the process and procedures involved in reporting and maintaining accurate data.

Along with the annual requirements for OSHA should be the review of handbooks and materials pertinent to safety and operating procedures of the company. OSHA requires an annual update of the safety manuals, and this also requires the input of hourly employees affected by the rules and regulations contained in the manuals.

An active and effective safety committee can be a valuable tool in the company safety program. The new year also provides an opportunity to rotate membership in the safety committee. Rotating membership annually provides for the input of more of the employee base and fresh insight into the safety process. Representatives should come from various areas of the operations because each operation has its own unique safety issues. Problem solving, setting policy, developing programs and safety implementation are the main functions of the safety committee as well as the communication and dissemination of materials and information to the company. Senior leadership participation is a must if the credibility of the safety program is to be a priority.

Getting a good start each new year is a fresh opportunity to review what worked and what didn’t. It’s a chance to fix what can be fixed and to improve on the culture of safety. If the safety program is working effectively, goals can, and will be, reached. Have a great 2023. Make it a great year.

Jeff Blomgren

Director of Safety

Petticoat Schmitt Civil contractors, Inc.

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