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Lauren Atwell is the Chief Operations Officer responsible for construction operations for Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Inc. Lauren has over 30 years of experience in heavy construction with a strong emphasis on water and wastewater facilities. Lauren has a B.S in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Clarkson University.


Some notable projects that Lauren has completed are:  

Clayton County WRF - $56.0 Million

Hood Road WTP Membrane Conversion - $50.0 Million

Arlington East WRF BRN upgrades - $25.0 Million

Central Consolidated Pump Stations - $20.9 Million

Lauren has also held leadership positions with: 

NUCA, NUCA of Florida (President), NUCA of North Florida, GUCA, AWWA, WEF, Society of American Military Engineers, University of North Florida Construction Management Advisory Board of Directors, J. Mitchell Ellington Award, Contractor of the Year 2010. 

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