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Jeff Rumer is the Vice President responsible for leadership in the areas of public infrastructure construction for Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors,Inc.  Jeff has

a B.S. in Applied Engineering.  He has over 20 years'

experience within the civil construction and tunnel/bore industry.

Some notable projects Jeff has worked on are: 

FDOT T-2583 I-10 - $2.9 Million

SR243 New Pecan Park Rd./I-295 - $17.4 Million

FDOT E2U39 US1 & A1A - $9.2 Million

Rogero Road Roundabout - $1.3 Million

Professional Affiliations & Awards:​​

  • NUCA of Colorado, Founding President

  • NUCA of Colorado, 2016 National Chairman

  • NUCA Trenchless Technologiies, Committee Chair

  • Louisiana Technical University's Center for  Trenchless Technologies

  • 811 Legislative Task  Force

  • NUCA Ditchdigger of the Year Award: 2013

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