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"We Build Life Changing Infrastructure! At Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, we take pride in being a professional, courteous, and quality-focused company. We strive to create a positive atmosphere for our clients and team-members, so that together we can meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Our areas of specialization include construction services for public works, water resources, and site development. Since 2007, we have successfully worked with numerous private and government organizations to help build the life changing infrastructure that positively impacts our communities."


Talent Acquisition 


We're seeking a passionate and dedicated person to help shape the future of our workforce. If you're ready to grow with a company that values its people ...

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Project Manager

Water Resources

Take your experience managing civil construction projects to the next level and grow your career on a great team 


Civil Estimator

Site Dev/Public Works

Be a valued part of our preconstruction team as you build efficient and successful projects.


Team Development Coordinator

Entry Level

If you're ready to kickstart your career in Team Development/HR, join the Petticoat-Schmitt team!


Public Works

Whether you need public roadways, or utilities such as drainage, water, or sewer, Petticoat-Schmitt makes your project easier to manage and complete.

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Water Resources

Your water and wastewater treatment plant projects are in good hands with Petticoat-Schmitt where everyone

Site Development

This includes our private projects that consist of single family subdivisions, multifamily projects, commercial, industrial, retail and other site projects.


Learn more about how Petticoat-Schmitt can help you minimize problems and maximize profits on your construction projects.



One of Jacksonville's Best Places To Work 2023

Jacksonville Biz Journal

NUCA of Florida

Joe Antico Community Service Award: 2023

NUCA Ditch Digger Of The Year Award: Lauren Atwell 2022

NUCA Top Jobs 2019 Finalist: Water or Sewer Treatment Plant

NUCA Top Jobs

2019 Finalist: Excavation/Site Development

NUCA Top Jobs 2018 Category Winner: Water or Sewer Treatment Plant

One of Jacksonville's Best Places To Work,
Jacksonville Business Journal, 2023
Fastest Growing Company,
Jacksonville Business Journal, 2018


“Good communication and performance. Team work is good.” JEA
  • How do you track your progress on a job?
    During our weekly Operations Meetings, we analyze every project and measure our progress according to the master schedule of all other projects to see where we stand. We look at our positive or negative float, and if we’re behind schedule, we identify what we need to do to get back on track.
  • How do you know if team members in the field are on target?
    We utilize software that allows every Foreman to enter his time for his team, equipment, and other resources, and quickly see whether or not he is on budget. Every activity on a job is very detailed and production plans help us see how each team is going to do the next day so they can execute the work to meet the plan. Every single team member knows if they’re in the black or red for the budget for the particular activity they’re working on that day, so they can identify ways to ramp up their productivity if needed.
  • How do you train your team?
    We start training our team the very first day they report to work through a full-day orientation that starts with the history and culture of the company, and spends the bulk of the day training on safety. Additionally, we have “Micro Mondays” every week where everyone in the entire company receives a 10-15 minute video lesson that relates to any facet of our business. We also offer management training to new managers, specific trainings in safety such as First Aid and CPR, and lunch-n-learns that teach about pump specifications, geo-technical testing and reports, software, and any topic that is going to help our team get better and grow.
  • How do you communicate with your team so everyone’s on the same page?
    We engage in a variety of on-going communication activities including a weekly email that goes out to the entire company and shares highlights, opportunities, the things we’ve accomplished, and brief summaries on each project. The President, Ryan Schmitt, also sends a monthly video with highlights and shout-outs. To help with communication across the company, we are using Microsoft Teams and are working on an internal app. Additionally, we present our quarterly business plans, have ACT breakfasts every other Friday for the entire company, and hold an annual anniversary party where we review our accomplishments, recognize people for doing outstanding work, and talk about the goals for the upcoming year.
  • How do you make sure the entire company is incentivized to perform well?
    We are very focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We track and measure KPIs for safety, production, and quality control, just to name a few. These are measured weekly and when we perform well, we have incentives that are project-based. Our “Win the Day” and “Win the Project” programs offer incentives for labor hours saved and being ahead of budget, respectively. And, our “Win the Year” program is company-wide so that if we hit a certain milestone of profitability, there’s a portion of every dollar that goes in the incentive pool which is shared across the entire company. All of these are based on very strict metrics of success, and we love it when our people WIN!



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Corporate Office

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Jacksonville, FL 32216

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